– Abbreviation: Compelling Business Technology

A highly innovative digital agency with an 'anything is possible', 'on-time', 'on-budget' approach to any project

In a nutshell...

Combute are a highly innovative digital agency with an ‘anything is possible’, ‘on-time’, ‘on-budget’ approach to the design, development and implementation of even the most complex based projects. With a wealth of knowledge and experience driving the forefront of each of our services, Combute continue to dominate the industry by providing compelling business technology to businesses globally.

Owing to our ability to quickly grasp your vision and our ability to consult you on the future proofing of your requirements, we have an impressive portfolio comprising of some of the UK’s most recognisable brands some of whom have been with us since we opened our doors.

Through the proactive level of service we provide all our clients, we have built our business on an outstanding 98% referral rate and continue to grow our impressive portfolio this way.

Unfortunately more often than not we are consulted by businesses and individuals in desperation to pickup the pieces and repair the damage that other ‘creative agency’s’ leave businesses in and so we take on the tasks to position them where they originally aimed to be.

Being fluent in all website programming languages coupled with the highest quality creative design abilities, videography and photography specialist, social media and online marketing specialist, an unrivaled print management service in addition to having developed over the years a vast range of bespoke websites across multiple genres there is nothing we cannot do. That’s why we refer to our services as; ‘The web…without limits’ and why Combute is the creator of COMpelling BUsiness TEchnology.

History of the brand

20+ Years ago we operated under the brand “Master Sites” which back then was a very small Website Development company offering web design and development services to small local businesses. We quickly developed a strong reputation for thinking outside the box, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and we went from strength to strength.

In 2008 we rebranded the business to “Koosk” and started to lean more towards the Recruitment industry developing highly innovative custom built websites specifically for the recruitment sector integrating advanced API’s, machine learning and user profiling tools that talked seamlessly to advanced customer relationship management software. Alongside this we continued to offer web design and development services to local businesses outside of the recruitment sector.

In 2011 Koosk underwent a full rebrand and the formation of Combute was complete. derived from the phrase “Compelling Business Technology”, Combute quickly become an industry leading brand known for developing advanced forward thinking websites and applications across multiple sectors which lead us to working with some of the globes biggest brands and the UK Public sector.

More than 10 years on trading as Combute we are stronger than ever with an unrivalled team of designers, developers, marketers and print specialists we continue to work with small to large corporations and a multitude of projects.

In addition we now have a collection of sister brands and applications offering a variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer services.

Our sister companies

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There's no such thing as problems, only solutions

- John Lennon -

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